Front-planes, front-panels from manufacturer Richard Wöhr GmbH

Front panels in all shapFrontplanes / Front-Panelses, colours and materials

Customised executions made of plastic, aluminium, steel sheet and stainless steel.

Our highly qualified personnel and our high technical standard allow us to manufacture the appropriate front plates at low cost and with great precision according to your specifications.

custom projects with frontplanes, front-panels

Front panels   drawing
Front panels

Standard front/blind plates by WÖHR ® , 
19“ and metric

There is a wide choice of standard front plates in either 19“ or metric system at your disposal for the configuration of your enclosures.

We offer a very wide range of surfaces and materials as well as accessories to meet your requirements as good as possible without making compromises.

Based upon a respective numerical system, our   „front plate building set“ enables you to specify not only the dimensions, but also the surface execution individually.

In particular such modifications of the standard components as

  • customised dimensions/executions/materials
  • mechanical treatment acc. to specifications
  • modified surface executions
  • printing, incl. repro/film setting
  • integration of operating/display units directly into the plate or mechanics, in FOILtronic®-technique (registered design - on the back side, only the connection cable is visible, the „intelligence“ is inside the plate!)

can easily be realised.

Blind plates   drawing
Blind plates

Ventilating plates   drawing
Ventilating plates

At Wöhr®, we offer you complete solutions:

Front panels / foil keyboards / front foils

with appropriate enclosures
with printing / enamel finish
with electronics

Membrane keyb.
Input systems
Express service
Wöhr GmbH


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