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Front panel projects

Front panels for mobile use

Frontplatte für mobile Anwendung

  • manufactured incl. projecting press-fit parts on front and rear sides
  • chromated and electrically conductive
  • front side grounded/enamelled acc. to customer’s specifications
  • rear side not enamelled, just as threads
  • press-fit parts not visible from front side
  • 2-colour printing (in spite of projecting pins on the front)
  • light guide mounted
  • more information ==>

Front panel 19" - 6U, complete with supporting trough

Projekte Frontplatte mit Tragwanne

  • incl. press-fit threaded bolts
  • grounded/enamelled RAL 7035
  • supporting trough:
  • made of aluminium 2 mm thick
  • bent off 414 x 300 x 95 mm
  • screwed to front plate
  • more information ==>

Front panel 19"-6U in special execution, 2-colour enamel (rear side not enamelled)

Front panel FP42665-0002

  • made of aluminium 430x88x5 mm
  • incl. milled ledge for 1x predetermined breaking point for display
  • 6 pieces press-fit threaded bolts  M4 x 6 rear side
  • 4 pieces press-fit insert nuts M3 x 8 rear side
  • more information ==>

Front panel profile

mechanically treated, engraved and laid out


19"-front panels  1U and 3U

  • manufactured incl. customised breaking-throughs
  • rear side chromated and electrically conductive
  • front side grounded/plain enamelled according to the customer’s specifications

Plug-in modules / front panels for subracks

Steckbaugruppen / Frontplatten für Baugruppenträger

  • manufactured incl. customised breaking-throughs
  • all sides anodised in natural colours
  • optional:  rear side chromated and electrically conductive

Flexible display system

Flexibles Anzeigesystem - weiter Informationen und Bilder

can be used e.g. in sports clubs for the visualisation of the current scores and tables.


  • enamelled in the club colours,
  • customised execution
  • easy actualisation of the plug-in plates

more information and images  ==>

Stove-enamel finish, powder coating ...

Front panel:

  • visible sides and edges stove-enamelled RAL 7016 fine structure
  • rear and threads not enamelled

Front panels for testing instruments

Frontplatte  für Prüfgerät graviert und schwarz ausgelegt

  • engraved and laid out in black

more pictures ==>

More examples:

Frontplatte für Prioline-Gehäuse


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