Front-planes, front-panels from manufacturer Richard Wöhr GmbH
Project front panel FP42665

Front panel FP42665-0002

  • made of aluminium 430x88x5 mm
  • incl. milled ledge for 1x predetermined breaking point for display
  • 6 pieces press-fit threaded bolts M4 x 6 rear side
  • 4 pieces press-fit insert nuts M3 x 8 rear side
  • surface: brushed and anodised in natural colours E6/EV1
  • Profile engraved
  • 1-colour printing


  • made of plexiglass GS 838 /95,0 x 55,0 x 3mm
  • colour: with grey filter
  • incl. milled ledge
  • glued to the rear side of the support plate
  • 1-colour printing RAL 9010



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